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5 Spheres of Application of Prednisolone

What is Prednisolone? Prednisolone is a synthetic corticosteroid, a dehydrated analogue of hydrocortisone. It takes anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, immune-suppressive action, boosts sensitivity of beta-adrenergic receptors to endogenous catecholamines. Prednisolone interacts with specific cytoplasmic receptors (receptors for glucocorticosteroids are present in all tissues, especially in liver) with formation of complex inducing production of proteins (including enzymes regulating vital processes in cells). Proteometabolism: Prednisolone decreases the number of […]

Learning the Pros and Cons of Online Pharmacies

Since 1994, when the first documented online purchase has taken place, online shopping has been growing and is still on the rise. In 2018 nearly two billion people worldwide have purchased goods online. The coronavirus pandemic has only increased the popularity of e-commerce by expanding the variety of products people are willing to buy online. Unlike clothing, groceries, and electronics, medicines are not top-of-the-line items […]

My Canadian Pharmacy: Special Programs to Save Time & Money

They know you have the right to be healthy The main mission of My Canadian Pharmacy staff members is to provide you with low-cost medication courses. The pharmacy offers brand prescription meds and non-prescription generic drugs. The prices are always affordable and the choice is incredible. Together with numerous special programs offered by this licensed pharmaceutical company, the whole service is destined to save you […]

What Is True About Mail-Ordering Drugs Online?

How much time do you waste on making trips to brick-and-mortar drugstores and waiting in lines there? Do you want to save that time and to spend it with your dear and near? If yes, switch to buying drugs on the Internet. Although there is a number of widespread myths that prevent consumers from using such services, in practice, online drugstores will make your life […]

Viagra spray for men – is it available?

If you like to stay abreast of the latest medical news, you have  probably seen flashy headlines announcing the arrival of a revolutionary product – Viagra spray. However, as it often happens with headlines on the Internet, everything is more complicated than the authors would make it appear. Before you start searching for Viagra spray for sale, read our unbiased and clear report. Confusion reigns […]

Levitra (Vardenafil) Special Note and Dose Calculation

Dose in case of cardio-vascular disorders Levitra prescription must be made by a doctor after estimation of cardio-vascular system of a patient, since the risk of cardiac condition complications during sexual intercourse increases. Levitra is not to be prescribed to men with co-morbidity of cardio-vascular system for which sexual activity of counter-indicative. Application of vardenafil takes vasodilatory action as well and may cause insignificant or […]

Learn Whether You Are in the Erectile Dysfunction Risk Group

First and foremost, we need to establish that erectile dysfunction is very common and over 80% of men aged over 70 reported that they have problems with erection. Due to various reasons, the problem is more often reported by men in their 40s. However, even young men can experience problems with erection. While the issue has been known and caused various social problems for ages, […]

Caverject (Prostaglandin E1): Instructions, Pros and Cons, Side Effects

ED Oral vs Injective Treatments Injective ED treatment drugs were invented much earlier than oral ED treatment medications. Despite that fact oral drugs are considered to refer to the first stage of ED treatment and injective drugs – to be the second one. It means if the oral Ed treatment drugs turn to be ineffective the doctor should prescribe injective ED treatment. Oral ED treatment […]

Male Penis Growth Pills: How it Works, Results and Best Supplements

Penis Size and How It Matters in Sexual Life Men’s fears that a modest size of their penis may become a reason for failure in sexual intercourse have grounds, although this fact was disproven many times in scientific literature of previous years. It follows from the results of the research made by Scottish scholars (University of the West of Scotland) that penis size is important […]

The role of blood vessels in erectile function

Erection is penis expansion in comparison with its resting position and acquisition of mechanical hardness which is important for sexual intercourse. Constitution of penis. Penis consists of three longitudinal bodies, filled with porous tissues and surrounded by tiny blood vessels. Two external bodies (cavernous bodies) become firm and elastic during erection. Internal or porous body surrounds urethra and goes over penis balanus. Erected tissues which […]