Where To Buy CBD Oil In Wisconsin Legally

Health effects of cannabidiol and its products

Cannabinoid receptors and brain locations found in our body (endocannabinoid system) play significant roles in the entire picture of human physiology. Also, some properties of cannabinoids act independently of those receptors. The variety of actions through which these drugs can change human health and normal functioning speaks to the range of real helpful uses for copounds like CBD oils that might act discriminately on various cannabinoid systems.

Natural cannabidiol found in cannabis is a component of CBD oil and has significant uses for medical purposes. Many studies are showing that these extracted substances have a positive effect on the treatment of various diseases. Science proved that CBD oils can prevent tumor growth by killing cancer cells without damaging their environment. Healthy tissues remain intact and help repair damaged cells. There are no psychoactive properties because cannabinoids don’t activate receptors responsible for “high” effect. CBD thus reduces anxiety, acts like antipsychotics, has anti-inflammatory and anti-depressants properties, reduces pain, etc.

Wisconsin laws about CDB oils

Wisconsin is a country for which it is frank to say that it does not have much respect for the voice of its citizens. More than half of the registered voters in this state support complete legalization of medical marijuana. They oppose strict laws that apply only to the use of CBD oils just in patients who have epilepsy. Moreover, based on the experience of some of the neighboring states, at some point in time, medical marijuana would be legalized entirely. This process is in progress, but it is going very slowly.

The act Wisconsin Act 267 is taking effect since 2014, allowing the limited use of medical marijuana. This legal document has the honorary name of “Lydia’s law.” She was a girl who died just a few days after the Senate enacted the law. Unfortunately, she couldn’t try the treatment with medical marijuana. Her parents, with the help of sponsors, sought to legalize the use of CBD oils, so other patients suffering severe diseases could feel relief in future. This process had many complications, as the CBD was not on the list of FDA-approved substances. Also, there were no registered doctors who had the permission to prescribe this drug.

Almost three years after that, Senate passed Senate Bill 10, which finally allowed the possession of CBD products, but only in certain situations. The products available for patients with diagnosed epilepsy and seizures had to contain a low percentage of psychoactive substances THC.

Last year, Wisconsin Assembly enacted Assembly Bill 49; it referred to the ways of acquiring CBD products for patients. It allowed them to purchase these products for children suffering from a severe form of epilepsy, with daily seizures. There was no longer a need for fear of being punished for possessing CBD oil or its products.

Who’s right, state or federal law?

Until recently, CBD was on the Schedule I list (a list of substances that recognized a high possibility of abuse without any medical benefit), which led to declining of many clinical studies. We can see the level of ignorance by observing the fact that, until recently, laws among the States classified all cannabinoids as “narcotic substances.” For decades, in case of medical marijuana, it has been stigmatized until recently. Luckily, the United States has recognized this potential. It’s a matter of days when even more conservative states, like Wisconsin, will do the right thing, and accept the full potential of CBD oil and its products.

Citizens vs. laws

Laws change quite often, and that can confuse citizens. In Wisconsin, many are still afraid to be arrested for possession of CBD oil, although their medical condition allows its use. Since the state and federal law are not fully harmonized, the slight advantage is, according to the hierarchy, given to the federal law. So, it is understandable why the citizens are worried.

Medical marijuana activists want to spread the word about benefits of medical marijuana. They want to educate people in Wisconsin that cannabinoids are not dangerous. They want to prove that CBD oil is criminalized for no reason. To date, no deaths caused by this substance have been recorded, nor have there been any cases that would indicate its harmful effect. So, no victim, no crime. This is the motto under which the fight of the citizens leads to ensure the right to the legal and safe use of CBD oils.

Little by little, the state of Wisconsin is advancing in the process of fully legalizing these products. Life will be much easier for many patients. Citizens can have an impact on the acceleration of this process. They can write to their legislators on a large scal. In the struggle with strict laws, the will of the people will be significant.

Where can you purchase CBD oil in Wisconsin

For now, the only way to legally use CBD oils is in raw form. That could be as drops or by vaporization. As for other forms, there are edibles or transdermal products. One of the shops offering vape-related products accessories, besides the tremendous supply of quality CBD oils, is Green Road, located in Milwaukee, at 1237 East Brady Street.

Community Pharmacy is in this business for more than a decade. Two years ago, they included CBD products in their offer. Their shop, located in Middleton, is the real shelter for those seeking a way to relieve pain. Another famous store in Wisconsin is a traditional brick-and-mortar shop in Manitowoc called Vāp. This store offers a variety of products, accessories, and professional help.

A few days ago, Black River Falls get their first store selling CBD oils. PriceLand Hemp threats to become one of the best CBD oil stores in the state. Having everything, from drops to topicals, this shop is ready for the battle in the CBD oil market. In downtown Madison, there’s Apple Wellness store, offering CBD products in many forms, so as massages with these oils.