Adcirca for PAH: Tadalafil Generic Tablet

The effectiveness of Adcirca

During clinical trials, the drug showed a very high rate of success in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension in patients. The effect of constant wholesome vasodilation provided by the drug for over 48 hours after the initial intake reduces adverse effects of vasoconstriction and obstructive vascular remodeling characteristic for the condition in general. Tadalafil acts as a major vasodilator and significantly slows down the process of vascular remodeling completely negating it in some scenarios. This allows for a noticeable decrease in arterial pressure and overall improvements in terms of the severity of pulmonary vascular resistance.

Clinical trials showed that more than 80% of patients with PAH symptoms report improvements upon starting to use Tadalafil (Adcirca). The results are close to that of Sildenafil (Viagra) but the treatment planning and scheduling is much easier due to a very simple once-per-day method of using tadalafil.

Nearly all specialists note that the drug is very effective and can be used as a multipurpose recreational drug that provides relief for symptoms of several conditions including benign prostate hyperplasia, pulmonary arterial hypertension, high blood pressure, angina, and erectile dysfunction. Due to a wide spectrum of possible applications, Cialis/Adcirca is considered one of the most versatile commercial drugs out there.

Risks of using Adcirca

Despite its glorious history and incredible proved effectiveness, the drug is not a panacea without a flaw. There are various adverse effects that should be acknowledged by potential users.

Firstly, the drug should not be used by patients with the following:

  • A history of heart failures and strokes;
  • Chronic systemic diseases of liver, kidney, and/or heart;
  • People with bleeding disorders and blood related issues;
  • Diseases affecting blood cells (Anemia, Leukemia, etc.);
  • Stomach ulcer.

These medical conditions should be taken seriously. Do not take Adcirca if you doctor does not approve it. In order for your medical health provider to make a competent informed decision on whether you should be prescribed with Adcirca, please tell your doctor about any of the condition listed above. Note that patients who want to use Cialis for ED should always report PAH if they have it.

Even healthy people can suffer from adverse effects caused by the drug. There are various types of side effects caused by Tadalafil. They can be unofficially separated in multiple groups based on severity and frequency of occurrence.

  1. Common/normal. This group of symptoms includes nausea, stuffy nose, runny nose, flushing, headache, redness. These symptoms occur very often and should wear off within 12 hours.
  2. Uncommon/concerning. Muscle pains and pains in back, serious digestion issue, changes in vision and/or hearing, complete loss of hearing or sight, intense sweating, dizziness. These symptoms may wear off within 12 hours and should not be bothersome. However, it is recommended to seek medical attention just in case something serious happens.
  3. Rare/serious. Symptoms of an allergy (rash, redness of skin, shortness of breath), prolonged erection (more than 3 hours), symptoms of a nearing heart attack. If you feel anything like this, immediately seek for medical attention.

Before you start using Adcirca, you need to be informed about possible negative interactions of the drug with other medications. You should always talk to your doctor about any Rx drug that you are using at the moment. All prescription drugs should be used together only after serious consideration of possible negative interactions. There are also negatives when using Adcirca together with alcohol, nitrites, nitrates, aphrodisiacs, and some antiviral drugs against HIV.

Additional information about Adcirca

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