FAQ: Get to Know Principles Related to Pharma

Many people do really appreciate time with all its angles and manifestations. Thus, they do not want to ask many questions but have the answers before their faces. The same story concerns the pharmaceutical industry with millions of clients who daily visit pharmacies or online distributors of medications to find a panacea for their health condition. Today, My Canadian Pharmacy services do not lag behind the competitors but even somehow yield more fruits regarding the benefits and quality. For your convenience, here is a list of the top matters that regularly bother patients, customers, and even new joiners of the pharma business.

What to choose – online or neighborhood pharmacy?

It depends only on the urgent necessity of buying something. For instance, if a patient has an episode of asthma, he will not wait for the delivery of an inhaler but seek emergency aid either within neighbors or community pharmacies. However, if you need the products for regular applications such as drugs for allergy, ED, and insomnia, the cheaper option is online distributors.

Why do manufacturers try to present new analogs to Viagra if it is the best-seller?

It is a business matter that many manufacturers try to pursue to gain more profit. However, there is another explanation stated by dedicated experts. Viagra and its variety of formulas may not be well-tolerated by some patients. So, doctors may prescribe another ED remedy. As you may agree, it is always good to have a choice, especially when it concerns the price. Viagra’s sisters-brothers are commonly cheaper.

How to know whether the ordered drug is authentic?

You cannot know it until you are manufacturer yourself. Of course, any person may learn the basic characteristics of pills such as color, shape, or even smell. But, even Mona Lisa has thousands of copies that are hard to distinguish from the original. However, you can do only one thing. Try to find reliable and trusted pharmacies that have all the documentation needed to distribute the drugs. Note, you have a full right to ask for a license because you are a customer and you can overlook the item before buying it.

Why choose generics over brands?

It is up to a person’s paying capacity to either go for generic medications or brand ones. Nevertheless, even rich people think of saving some money by opting for generic production. In fact, they are similar but small fluctuations in the composition make original Viagra cost twice much than its generic solution. Besides, both formulas have the same side effects, contraindications, and even benefits.

Why I cant buy potency drugs or contraception. It is not fair. 

If you speak of the condoms, there are fully available for sale even in individuals who are below 18. But when the conversation goes to the ED drugs, you may not have designated prescription, indications to their usage, or you are contraindicated party for taking such drugs.

I did not like the taste of the pill, can I send it back?

Many people wish it could be possible. Pharmaceutical products are intended for one’s individual use without a right to share them with others. Similar situations concern the events when people refuse to take a drug because they do not find it helpful, good-looking, promising. It is not the case to return a product back. For example, eligible reason number 1 is when a client receives a package with another stuffing in the box.

How do online pharmacies protect their clients’ data?

Losing a client means losing a competition. People cannot imagine the online world without passwords or logins. Even though a person may not need to register with one pharmacy, all his actions, movements on the site, clicks, views and the rest should be fully encrypted with the latest technologies.

Where to get a prescription?

Depending on the type of a drug required, a patient can receive all the instructions from his doctor or unfortunately from online. The latter may make a person come across fraud or even lose all the money. As of now, many pharmacies offer such a service as Talk to My Pharmacist that, in turn, provides people with an opportunity to fill RX transfer or directly request a prescription.

There is no result after drug intake. What to do?

The first and the most important solution is to never play with doses especially exceeding them. It may provoke a negative consequence or it can even be fatal. Such concerns are addressed only to the health care provider or family doctor.

Is it true that grapefruit juice affects the efficiency of ED drugs?

The clinical picture of this combination is not fully studied yet. But, some doctors claim that grapefruit juice can radically boost the blood levels of the medication. As a result, it provokes such side effects as headaches, low blood pressure, and so on. Try to avoid it whenever you have planned sexual intercourse.

Is pharmaceutical treatment better than folk medicine?

Folk medicine does not have proven successful clinical results of the cases when a person drank homemade syrup to cure a cough or he used an oil composed of only the bark of a tree for back pain. It is up to people whether to trust it or not but pharmaceutical care is one of the most advanced in the world.

How much is a delivery for goods bought in online pharmacies? 

It is a common practice to mark items as free-shipping or free-delivery options. In fact, the price of the drug itself contains the price for both of them, so buyers will anyway pay the full price.

I do not want someone to see me picking up Viagra. What to do?

Do not be afraid, all the parcels are fully closed in opaque packages protected from excessive moisture, heat and prying eyes. After signing for it, you can hide in your room and unpack the box.

What are the contraindications for Viagra intake?

You are not allowed to use Viagra in case of hypersensitivity to the ingredients that provoke an allergy. And, when you take nitrates, such a combination is strictly forbidden.

Why online drugs are so cheap?

Most probably, you came across generics. They are cheaper because of a slight change in the composition that does not affect efficiency. Moreover, they are attractive because of continuous discounts or special offers.

Can I have an online doctor?

Online pharmacies do have such a service but it should be used only for informational purposes and by no means it is a substitute to a real consultation with your health care provider or doctor.

Can I combine two different ED drugs for the top results?

Such interactions are forbidden. A person can undergo experiencing severe side effects. Then, it is useless because both ED drugs have their properties and active ingredients to boost potency and affect erectile dysfunction symptoms individually.

Finally, if you need more answers, do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. Address your challenges, tell about a health condition but please do always remember that a consultation with your doctor before taking any pills, buying any products is a must.