Male Penis Growth Pills: How it Works, Results and Best Supplements

Penis Size and How It Matters in Sexual Life

Men’s fears that a modest size of their penis may become a reason for failure in sexual intercourse have grounds, although this fact was disproven many times in scientific literature of previous years. It follows from the results of the research made by Scottish scholars (University of the West of Scotland) that penis size is important for women’s sexual fulfillment. But there is good news for the owners of compact sexual organs: big penises are essential for the full-realized sexual life of only part of women, since they allow achieving a particular type of orgasm.

A group of scientists headed by a psychologist, Stuart Brody examined the experience of sexual intercourses of 323 women who responded questions about preferences in sex and particularities of orgasm attainment. All participants of research were also asked to define connection of coitus quality with penis size of sexual partner. It has been found that women experiencing vaginal orgasm achieve culmination more often with men who have a sizeable sexual organ (the average length was 14,9cm). Women who have reported the biggest quantity of vaginal orgasms for the previous month had intercourse with the owners of big penises. According to Brody, it is connected with the fact that during coitus a long penis simultaneously stimulates neck of womb and vagina. Thus, it was summed up that men’s worries about the penis size are quite appropriate although this criterion is not important for all women.

What to Do If You Are Not Happy with Your Penis Size?

First, even if you are sure that you have a small penis, in very deed it may be of normal size. The average size of penis is 10-15 cm. Length of not erected penis may vary. But it means that if you notice someone with big penis in changing room, it will unlikely mean that it’ll become much bigger in erected condition, and vice versa – penis that seems to be small may enlarge considerably.

Second, if you continue thinking that you have a small penis and a ruler suggests the opposite, you can establish a diagnosis for yourself in the area of psychiatrics: dismorphic disorder concerning your penis. This diagnosis is close to perception distortion of the body in case of anorexia when a man keeps considering himself fat being morbidly thin. According to one of the researches most men undergoing surgery for penis enlargement, have this disorder. They remain unsatisfied with penis size even after surgery.

But enough of experts’ wise pieces of advice.

Here is a short description of penis enlargement solutions if you still haven’t abandoned this plan:

  • Suction pump. This is a classic device for penis enlargement. You place your sexual organ into a cylinder which is attached to air pump. Vacuum causes blood flow, erecting penis and making it bigger. Then you constrict penis with a ring like with a constrictor in order to stop the blood drain-back. Such pumps are used to treat erectile dysfunction. But the effect of enlarged penis passes very quickly. As soon as you take off the ring, penis returns to its normal size. Possible risks include temporal impotency, ulcus, bruises, damage of a blood vessels, and loss of natural skin coloring. The ring is put on for 20-30 minutes; afterwards a damage of tissues develops.
  • Exercises, extenders and other facilities. Remember: you cannot overstress penis with exercises like the ones for biceps. This is not a muscle. Nevertheless, some of the facilities and stimulants supposedly stretch the skin and enlarge penis. The most famous example is jelqing, a set of pulling “milking” exercises. The exercises by the jelqing procedure require large time expenditures (30-60 minutes per day of pulling penis away). And the main difficulty consists in the fact that exercises should be done with non-erected penis. So, all you need is self-discipline, a lot of free time and a lockable door. Another way of penis enlargement lies in carrying a special facility on penis which stretches it (sometimes it should be worn for 8 hours per day). Experts say that the abovementioned methods do not enlarge penis, but stretch the skin; they are not effective, but dangerous.
  • Tablets, supplements, creams. Majority of them are made on the basis of yohimbe and ginseng. Although there are no registered cases of penis enlargement by means of them.
  • Surgical method. Regardless a number of described methods, surgery may be really effective. Certainly, it bears some risks and the result may be not as impressive as you hope. There are two types of penis enlargement operations:
  • Penis elongation. Penis is attached to pelvis by means of solid funiculi. They are connected with penis and hide its part inside the body. Surgical cutting of these funiculi relaxes tension and theoretically the hidden penis part becomes visible. In order to prevent from repeated fusion of funiculi, you need to wear weighting facility within six months daily.
  • Penis thickening. According to this technique a homeotransplant is implanted in penis, a tissue transplanted from genetically discordant organism. We do not know the way the tissue donor may behave after transplantation.

Do Penis Growth Pills Work?

Men coming across the problem of penis size go to all lengths to solve it. Not so long a new method of penis enlargement by means of tablets and supplements was introduced. Are they really effective? These medications work according to the principle of directing as much blood to vessel tissue of penis as possible. Thus, the growth of penis is stimulated both in width and in length. And the most important thing is that manufacturers promise penis scale-up. Also, manufacturers go the extra mile promising increase of sexual capacities, enlarged control over emission of seminal fluid, more sensitive and long-lasting erection, exciting orgasm, absence of premature ejaculation, self-confidence, and big changes in penis measures.

Tablets for penis enlargement have the following advantages:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • penis increase by around 25%
  • bringing bruises to usual condition
  • activating work of endocrine functions
  • enhancing sensitivity of receptors
  • improving sexual function
  • increasing reproductive capacities.

Which effect may be expected from these medicines?

  • They do not extend penis.
  • They consist only of natural herbs.
  • According to a special formulation a unique mixture of herbs is created. This blend is capable to increase a penis size (cavernous bodies) in erected condition.
  • Your erection will become stronger resulting from filling of cavernous bodies with blood.

Best Penis Growth Pills

Customers have distinguished two types of pills which may be useful for penis enlargement:

  • biologically active supplements
  • hormonal and botanical medicines

Biologically active supplements

Modern market has a large variety of penis enlargement pills. They may differ according to their cost, way of intake and composition. Nevertheless, they are created for one aim – to enlarge penis without much effort. So, the first type of such medications is biologically active supplements. Customers of My Canadian Pharmacy name the following brands: Penis XL and Herby Magic Staff. These medications contain unique natural components and they are absolutely safe. Manufacturers declare that they are able to enlarge penis by 3 cm within several weeks. They should be taken before meal 1-3 times per day. Their composition generally includes complex of minerals and micro-elements and extracts of exotic plants or alga as well.

In essence supplements are vitamins which cannot cause any health disorders or allergy. Their balanced contents are able to be useful for organism and enhance circulation of blood in sexual organs, contributing to their enlargement. BUT, it should be noted that the instruction of these medication says that they are effective only in combination with extenders and vacuum pumps.

Hormonal and botanical medicines

There are pills based on hormonal and natural substances. The first ones are Rx drugs and prohibited for common use. The botanical medicines (VigRX Plus Size Gain, Size Gain, XtraSize, BigBoy Golden XXL) are made of Himalayan, Indian and Chinese plants. These medications are considered to be the complete program elaborated for penis enlargement both in length and in width. The treatment includes two identical elements: Sizegain – specially created for increase of erectile functioning and an effective program of exercises for penis elongation, Naturpenis which provides ad long-standing effect for penis enlargement in combination with the pills. The efficient exercises for potency improvement will also be helpful in this matter. A program named SizeGain requires 60 days of usage. SizeGain represents a combination of medicines with exercises stimulating growth of cavernous bodies of penis, and making it thicker and stronger. Moreover, this formula contains an ingredient called Bioperine which is able to accelerate absorption of other ingredients and thus, promote to a better functioning of the formula.

VigRX Plus Xtra Size is considered to be completely natural and a recommended medication for use by experts. It is able to thicken a penis up to 30% simultaneously enhancing men’s sexual activity and enticement. While taking this drug you take more pleasure of sexual relations: sexual excitement is achieved much faster and erection is much longer. VigRX Plus consists of natural components with strong characteristics of aphrodisiac from China, Southern America and Europe, which stimulate sexual activity, maintain increased erection and enhance pleasure in sex. The result of this remedy is proved by clinical trials – it gives possibility to enlarge your penis by 5 cm.