Development Plan

Dextofisopam for Irritable Bowel Syndrome has been developed though a Phase 2b clinical trial. The Company does not have the financial and clinical resources to advance Dextofisopam further without a pharmaceutical partner.

Levotofisopam for the treatment of Gout received FDA clearance for human clinical trials, subject to confirming the safety of the dose to be used. To confirm the safety of the planned dose in a proof-of-concept study in Gout patients, a non-human primate toxicology study is underway. Upon successful completion of the pre-clinical trial, the Company plans to conduct a proof-of-concept trial in the US in gout patients.

Cannabinoid program – selective CB2 agonists. Pharmos has developed these compounds in pre-clinical testing for neuropathic pain. No further development work is being conducted and these assets are available for license or sale.

We are going to make the best CBD oils possible so that people may enjoy cannabidiol in the best way possible.

If you are a fan of this, we can recommend a lot of it to you – CBD is great for many different things and has many receptors in the human brain.