Development Plan

We believe that drug development plans need recurrent changes and improvements. We opt for the holistic transformations, which implies:

  • Integration of innovations;
  • Improved compliance and quality;
  • Enhanced interaction with healthcare professionals;
  • Better decisions based on the in-depth insights and analysis;
  • Development costs reductions.

Pharmos Development Plan: 5 Pillars

1. Patient-pharmacist contact thinking We are devoted to convenient online interaction starting from regular consultations, finishing with chats with your physician, and approval of prescription orders.
2. Process redesign We understand that functionality enables fast and efficient service. That’s why we regularly redesign the functionality of our system through insightful researches.
3. Digital technologies Thoroughly arranged digital technologies allow us to arrange automated repetitive processes (refills, refunds, and returns) without the necessity to start another chat with the personnel.
4. Modeling and analytics We use external and internal data analysis for predictive modeling, which helps us make speedier and more sensible decisions.
5. Flexible work We are agile and receptive, open to all novelties and feedback of our customers.

Proven Expertise

Pharmos corp has more than 16 years of experience in drug development. For all these years we’ve been developing more than 40 innovative molecular structure approvals. Our experts face regular biomolecular challenges and ensure the faster development of the pharmaceutical company.

Holistic Offerings

We have a fully seamless connection between clinical scale development and commercial-scale one. We do not merely sell drugs — we offer packaging solutions. The clients of a Canadian Pharmacy get their meds right to the door, discreetly packed, and delivered by reliable third parties. We scrupulously control and develop primary packaging means container liners, and anything needed to control the efficacy of the pharmaceutical goods. PK and PD modeling, GLP studies, selection, and screening are among our chief values.

Preclinical Development

We have to reject hundreds of med candidates yearly. Most of them are not acceptable because of insufficient bioavailability and solubility. Hopefully, preclinical development helps us change the structure of the unsatisfactory formulas and improve the PK and PD issues in them.

Pharmos and its laboratories are stick to precision when it comes to preclinical researches and formulations. Our biochemists, microbiologists, and clinical research associates move forward from discovery to successful development of the most sought-after drugs and medical supplies for chickenpox, diphtheria, E. coli., AIDS, arthritis, and diabetes. Infectious diseases make up a base for our major studies.


As soon as we manage to analyze the formula of a drug candidate through our data-driven approaches, we are in a hurry to transform them into fully advanced, formulated pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical formulation implies mixing the active drug with additional components that can improve the product’s solubility and compatibility with the other frugs.

Bioavailability Enhancement

Our research and development team is successful in preclinical development and formulation, which is crucial for comprehensive bioavailability challenges. MPC formulation experience helps you deliver more effective treatments that can improve the performance of your product. Our pharmaceutical laboratory team delivers the highest treatment standards through the acceleration of the formula by altering the formulation and making thousands of molecules work towards your improved health.

Pharmos bioavailability enhancement techniques include:

  • Physical modification of the med (particle size change, crystal habit modification, dispersion, complexation, solubilization);
  • Chemical modifications of the med;
  • Additional methods, including co-crystallization, hydrography, selective absorption, nanotechnology, etc.)

Integrated Development Solutions

The development of the new medication therapy is challenging. We have to face technical issues, time limits, lack of resources, and, of course, the needs of the patients. The path to your healthy lifestyle should be short and efficient, which is our chief priority. In addition to the brand meds, Pharmos offer generic medications with satisfactory preclinical and clinical data. We stick to the timelines so that your meds are not prohibitively expensive. We avoid improper drug candidates and poor formulations not to waste time on something our customers will never benefit from.

Our IT specialists managed to develop a seamless system able to integrate numerous processes and operations you might need while using our website and ordering pharma products. Pharmos multifunctional system helps to select a proper drug with enhanced bioavailability. You’ll get a trustworthy, convenient partnership regardless of how remote your place of residence is. Our integrated solutions are accelerated, starting from the pharmaceutical development, finishing with the commercial supplies.