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Daily, our pharmaceutical industry researchers and innovators work to detect remedies against a diversity of diseases. Our second subdivision is a hub of our activity. These scientists are restless in matters of innovation and improvement for medicines and vaccines.

Below, we want to share Pharmos Corporation researches and basic information on innovative medicines for the most common diseases. We are here to make effective healthcare advancements to improve patients’ lives across the United States and overseas.

Top Male Medications

Viagra (Sildenafil) Generic from Canadian manufacturer

  • 25-200mg doses (74 packs)
  • Express delivery option (+insurance at Canadian pharmacies)
  • 17% Discount (as low as $0.40)
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Priligy (Dapoxetine) Generic

  • 30-90mg doses (32 packs)
  • Express delivery option (+insurance)
  • 20% Discount (as low as $1.70)
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Cialis (Tadalafil) Generic from Indian and Canadian manufacturer

  • 2.5-80mg doses (54 packs)
  • Express delivery option (+insurance)
  • 24% Discount (as low as $1.00)
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Apcalis SX (Tadalafil) from Indian manufacturer

  • 20mg doses (5 packs)
  • Express delivery option (+insurance)
  • 12% Discount (as low as $5.29)
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We Pay Incredible Rebates

officeOur Canadian med center benefit managers stick to upfront benefits to the patients. You won’t have to pay higher costs, and our transparent discount system has proved to be beneficial for the last 20 years of its existence. We manage to save on bulk efforts and seasonal price reductions on generic drugs offered by our third parties.

Nevertheless, we still have problems that the local government cannot regulate. Some of the meds still cost too high, and we cannot offer a rebate because of the terms established by middlemen. We don’t want our patients to pay higher costs at the pharmacy counter and stay in touch with the government representatives, searching for ways to reduce the out-of-pocket costs for our clients.

However, a wide choice of generics helps us offer greater rebates to patients with chronic conditions and maintenance therapies. Whether it’s IBS, ED problems, cardiovascular conditions, or diabetes, we are here to help you with cheap and safe meds.


It’s the number of officially approved, cheap generic medications, as effective as their brand counterparts. They are available not only in the US but over the border as well. If you’re interested in regular up-to-the-door delivery, notify our online management, and don’t forget to share relevant prescription information, so that we could make sure your choice of meds is safe.

Yes, our pharmacists know more about the composition of the drugs than your doctor. We also offer compound drugs produced in line with your dosage needs. Besides, our laboratory professionals can make meds in all forms you might desire. Yes, a chewable ED pill is more convenient than its regular oral blue tablet counterpart.

Biosimilars & Generics

We do offer biosimilars, which are different from brand drugs but produce the same healing effect. Generics are almost fully identical to the brands, while biosimilars produce the same effect through the components extracted from the living organisms. Generics do not need much testing, because they base on the ingredients that have already been tested.

TOP 5 Biosimilars in 2022

  1. Adalimumab. It treats rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis.
  2. Insulin Glargine. It’s a long-acting insulin replacement.
  3. Teriparatide. It’s an effective osteoporosis treatment.
  4. Filgrastim. It’s one of the best after chemotherapy maintenance treatments.
  5. Enoxaparin. It’s an anticoagulant preventing blood clots formation.

We don’t want sickness to come. Take care of your body — you won’t have another place to live in.

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