Business Development

Pharmos Corp is seeking to achieve a partnership with a pharmaceutical firm and /or raise additional capital, the Company is exploring the feasibility of smaller trials using Dextofisopam in other therapeutic indications or commencing pre-clinical development on its other intellectual property assets which could further reduce the Company’s current resources.

  • The Company continues to seek, sell or license other CB2 assets, including Cannabinor which was the only CB2 asset to enter human clinical trials.
  • The Company also maintains a commitment to out-license proprietary technologies and products not consistent with our primary corporate focus. Assets include S-Tofisopam. In clinical studies S-Tofisopam has been shown to lower uric acid and therefore may have the potential for development as a drug for gout.
  • The Company owns the rights to both R and S Tofisopam. Dextofisopam is the R enantiomer of racemic tofisopam and is being developed for IBS as described above.

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