Why Indian Generics are A Game-Changer In The World’s Drug Market

Most of the world regards the notion “generic” as something of poor quality, bland or compromised but to the pharmaceutical industry, generic is akin to a virtual panacea. Today, generic drug manufacturing is a high-volume business capturing the global pharmaceutical market and adequately competing with branded medications.

The generic drug production calls for excellent manufacturing and scientific skills, full-featured research and development, and superior regulatory compliance. These pharmacies face many business risks but also have plenty of rewards. In Canada, one of the world’s largest drug markets, generic meds account for 85 % of the prescriptions given.

According to the latest data, worldwide sales of generic drugs in 2016 were approximate $80 billion. Of that, Indian generics manufacturers collected over $50 billion what makes 62% of the take. Why are generics from India that popular and prioritized? What makes them so effective and reward-winning? Let us shed the light on understanding this unique market phenomenon.

Why Did Generics Appear?

Initially, the Indian generic drug producers created their products to treat patients in the poor developing countries where people are not able to pay much for the treatment and medications. The leading international medical organizations including the Global Fund and UNICEF relied on quality cost-friendly generic products for the programs they performed. Even in the terms of the global economic crisis when all health-saver programs are shrinking, Indian generics stay the most affordable, safe and effective.

Today, India is the lifeblood of the global drug industry with an unprecedented blend of rapidly-developing economy, cost-effective manufacturing, powerful infrastructure, and experienced workforce. These attributes helped the country set the world dominance in the production of high-quality generic medications.

Drug prices are very low in India due to the fierce competition, dexterity of the pharmaceutical industry, and launches of new patented medical agents. The ability of India to make competitive generic medicines also is induced by favoring economic factors such as cost-wise land rates and utilities and affordable equipment. Moreover, medications affordability will only rise under increased insurance coverage, annually growing government health care spending, and continual gain of income in India.

The Indian pharmaceutical sector has made remarkable investments in upgrading their production factories to align them with the international standards dictated by the leading healthcare authorities including American Food and Drug Administration and Canadian Health Department. These authorities have inspection offices in India and have already approved nearly 600 manufacturing plants.

However, the Indian government is attentive to keeping drugs affordable not only to Indians but to the rest nations as well. The country is partnering with small, medium, and big pharmacies all over the world to let all the people have an access to cheap, first-class generic alternatives.

Why Indian Generics Are Blooming

According to the estimations of the World Health Organization (WHO), one-third of the global population does not have a continuous access to vital and essential drugs and this figure is even higher in some countries of Asia and Africa while the cost of medications and pharmaceutical products is ever increasing worldwide.

Against the backdrop of economic crisis, the rise of generics popularity is quite reasonable. Many national governments are encouraging and promoting the use of generic drugs with the aim of improving the patients’ accessibility to low-cost medical care while health care systems around the world establish policies of substituting high-priced branded drugs with generic analogs.

For example, In the USA, generic substitution is a prevalent practice and by the end of 2016, as good as 75 % of all written prescriptions were of generic agents. This switch from expensive drugs to cheaper ones led to significant savings to the economy. In Canada, GS (generic substitution) is now a common practice in hospitals. Moreover, Canadian high medical schools now include generic prescribing as an integral part of the medical preparation. Highly-reputed Indian generic companies are the reliable suppliers for Smart Canadian Pharmacy too.

The tremendous popularity of Indian generics lies in their relative cheapness. But still, it is unclear what makes these products so cost-effective taking into account that the major healthcare authorities including FDA require generic medicines to have the same quality and action as brand name pharmaceutical agents?

Generic producers do not face the same operational and R&D costs as makers of branded medications. That is so because the makers of original medical products have to invent a novel drug and this process can cost millions of dollars. In this case, drug patents seem very rationale: they give the pharmacies a limited time (up to 12 years) patent protection when companies can make money on a new drug in which they have invested significant sums. These investments typically also include promotional campaigns: all those annoying TV commercials and eye-catching billboards.

For the Indian generic makers, no such investments are required neither in the development nor in promotions. The brand-mane drug’s formula and active agent are already known, the clinical trials are finished. The single generic manufacturers’ requirement is to persuade the supervisory authorities that their version of a drug is as safe, good, and effective in human bodies as the original.

So the producers of generic medicines can cut off these costs along and make good medicaments at lower prices to health care services and ultimately to the populations. The intense competition among multiple pharmacies producing generic meds also keeps the prices very low.

Some American users of Pharmos Corp frequently raise questions concerning the FDA requirements to prove generic drugs have the same action as the brand-name versions.

To ensure a generic medicine acts in the same way as an original drug, the producer has to show there are no significant differences in the time and extent to which the generic is absorbed into the organism.

The chemists perform full-featured trials to estimate the difference and present the obtained result in the percentage form. The majority of Indian life scientists confirm that a 25 % difference in the way a generic is absorbed is an acceptable norm.

Still, there are people claiming that this percentage is too high and could induce side-effects based on how much of the medicine is in a body at any one time.

The FDA stated that there were no identified health-related problems associated with the alteration in absorption for medications meeting this requirement.

The FDA has undertaken two extensive studies to know the actual differentiation in absorption between original preparations and their generic alternatives. The results prove that an average differentiation does not exceed 3.5%.

Generic Viagra at Smart Canadian Pharmacy from India

Viagra can incredibly improve the quality of life and often is truly life altering for both men and women. The invention of Viagra in 1998 changed considerably the way impotence had always been considered and treated. Before the introduction of Sildenafil Citrate to the market, erectile dysfunction was believed to have a psychological background, and it was a shame to talk about such a delicate problem. Males suffered silently without telling their doctors about this condition; the stigma of ED was very strong.

Now people know much more. Erectile dysfunction (get to know more), in the most, is a cardiovascular problem evoked by the inefficient blood flow in a penis. The condition nowadays is not thought to be a psychological problem. Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitor influence blood circulation in the genital organs, and effectively address the loss of sexual power.

Generic Viagra is a highlight of Indian pharmaceutical industry. Brand-name Viagra of a famous drug producer costs prohibitively high and the general population cannot afford buying it to treat chronic erectile dysfunction. For this reason, Indian generic meds appeal not only to Canadians but the rest of the world. Surely, people do not want to pay $15 per a brand pill where they can spend only $2-4 for the same working ingredient, action, and effectiveness.

Indian generic Viagra is a drug made by Cipla, one of the largest and recognized Indian pharmaceutical factory founded in 1935. By the chemical composition, their Viagra is identical to the original product as they both contain one and the same active substance – Sildenafil Citrate. This agent improves the blood inflow to the penile tissues and thus promotes an erection in response to sexual excitement. Modified Viagra is produced in the same doses as the original – 100 mg, 50 mg, and 25 mg.

The growing ebullience around generic Viagra from India, however, seems quite alarming because generic Viagra is mistakenly assumed to be an aphrodisiac and is often used by young people for the recreational purpose.

Generic Viagra does not stop being a prescription drug. If misused, Sildenafil Citrate has a potential danger for the health such as provoke a fatal drop in pressure in cardiovascular patients taking nitrates. Viagra and its generic versions have been approved to be used carefully and only for medical conditions.

Abuse of generic Viagra can lead to unpleasant mishaps as well. Canadian healthcare providers report numerous incidents where healthy people took a Sildenafil pill to enhance their sexual function. This resulted in a painful awkwardly prolonged erection that could last several days and required surgery interference to rectify. This only proves that generic Viagra is a medical treatment, not a fun. For a cautious patient, though, the easily accessible, low-cost, safe, and tablet with proven effectiveness is really good news.

Buying Generic Viagra from India safely

There is no such a man in the civilized world who has never asked himself whether he is at risk of developing impotence. And all the men know that there is a magic pill which can recover even a completely lost potency. The matter is buying generic Viagra at My Canadian Pharmacy is often a great challenge. Stern men are unlikely to enjoy visiting a doctor with anything concerning their hapless penises, and they definitely will not want to be several hours out of their work to talk to a medical specialist about the possibility they may have ED.

Suppose a man overcomes a trouble of visiting his physician and goes to the medical center to reveal his sexual history and obtain a prescription. Even having the prescription, a man is not looking forward to taking it to the local drugstore, where he not only faces a familiar pharmacy technician but also risks running into a next-door neighbor, colleague or a relative. All these make a sense for buying generic Viagra online.

Though there are thousands of shady websites offering drugs of questionable quality, there are lots of fully licensed and verified online pharmacies that are very conscious about their clients and reputations.

There is a guideline aimed to help you find a decent online drug shop:

  • A trustworthy online pharmacy must have a real legitimate street address and detailed contact information;
  • Their certifications, documents, and licenses are publicly available on their site;
  • A good pharmacy has a 24/7 patient support and online live consultant;
  • There are well-developed health questionnaires on their portals helping to find the right drug and dose for a patient;
  • The finest online pharmacies have a clear shipping, guarantee, security, and return policies.