My Canadian Pharmacy: Special Programs to Save Time & Money

They know you have the right to be healthy

The main mission of My Canadian Pharmacy staff members is to provide you with low-cost medication courses. The pharmacy offers brand prescription meds and non-prescription generic drugs. The prices are always affordable and the choice is incredible. Together with numerous special programs offered by this licensed pharmaceutical company, the whole service is destined to save you from a lot of trouble.

Low Priced Meds

Don’t feel confused about the low prices you see on the website. The pharmacy works only with legal suppliers and manufacturers. The pricing policy is explained by the overall facilitation of the ordering and payment procedures. You don’t have to line up at your local drugstores to get your prescription pills and your pharmacist has no need to spend all day on his feet while serving the customers. You simply sign to a monthly treatment plan online and get what you need the right to your door.

You’ll Get

  • High-end pills for general health conditions and sexual health;
  • Low priced brand and generic treatments;
  • Regular promotions and personal offers for faithful customers;
  • Professional and personal attitude to every client’s prescription;
  • Complete safety, anonymity, and security of your private information.

Special Programs

In addition to the impressive choice of products, My Canadian Pharmacy offers a lot of promotion programs, discounts and personalized offers for loyal customers. Here’s what you can get:

  • Regular discounts for faithful customers who deal with continuous orders and monthly purchases;
  • A personalized pricing policy that includes reduced costs on medications you need regularly – you’ll get notifications with coupons by e-mail;
  • Seasonal discounts and personal birthday promotions;
  • Free pills with your every order.

Free Pills

If you’re a regular customer of this online drugstore, you will always have chances to get several pills free of charge with your order. The free samples of medications that can be useful for you. If they go in line with your current prescription plan, they will be added to the package together with the instructions on how to take them. You’ll also be consulted about the possible after effects.

Additional Cost-Effective Suggestions

The pharmacy uses two delivery methods: airmail and courier delivery. There’s a possibility to pay nothing for the shipping if your airmail order costs you more than $150,00 and your express courier order is over $300,00.

Your Time Is Valued

It’s especially beneficial to stay in continuous contact with an online pharmacy if you suffer from chronic conditions. It’s sad that you have to devote a part of your life to shop for drugs. Nevertheless, the online pharmaceutical market offers scrupulousness and integrity.

The pharmacists are more than just sellers of pharmaceutical goods. They are skilled professionals belonging to various medicinal areas. Your monthly special programs will also include:

  • Thoughtful consultations;
  • Regular notifications;
  • Beneficial offers;
  • Cost-effective solutions replacing the current meds you take – this will save your money.

Sign Up & Be Healthy

In case if you don’t suffer from chronic illnesses, you might have no need to sign up as a regular user. You don’t have to deal with continuous treatment course and your purchases are not frequent. This service is especially popular among the elderly customers willing to lead a calm and healthy life with minimum contact with medical specialists.

The American healthcare systems of today are integrated into one another and closely connected via the huge databases of the customers. Information about your health, as well as your current prescription data, is accessible to both your physician and your pharmaceutical specialist. Your health is thoroughly controlled and officially protected by American laws and regulations.

Special personal programs are beneficial for:

  • Elderly citizens;
  • Patients suffering from chronic health conditions;
  • Customers dealing with continuous treatment courses;
  • Clients living in distant rural areas of the country.

Telemedicine can be a true miracle. Monthly treatment courses also imply private interaction. It’s particularly important if you deal with such delicate problems as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

How to Get Your Special Program at My Canadian Pharmacy

  • Sign in and provide the staff members with true and relevant information about your current prescriptions and health problems.
  • Wait for a short time while the provided information is checked and approved.
  • Get in personal contact with one of the specialists to discuss your current needs.
  • Don’t forget to point out that you’re interested in generics if you’re willing to save money without compromising your health.
  • Place an order and sign up to the system of notifications to get alerts about the refills and new items in stock.
  • Enjoy the service!

Make a sensible investment in your well-being – sign up to personal special programs!